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Becoming a distributor

  Interested in becoming an distributor?

Below you will find a summarized version of the new distributor process with intricad. Contact us for the full version.


Please note that this document is not an agreement or a state of promise of any kind nor is it complete. Its mere purpose is to gain a basic insight.

intricad receives many request from people and organizations around the world to participate in the business by becoming distributors. This is very important to us. We believe that sharing the business is equivalent to the greater good of the business.

However, managing the process towards becoming a distributor has required that we divide this into 2 phases.

  • Phase 1. People and organizations interested in distributing intricad products may be entitled to purchase products in volume at discount costs. However it is the responsibility of distributors to manage their own overhead in the purchasing, inventory, sale and servicing of products.
  • Phase 2. Distributors which have been able to effectively capture and service their market in alignment with intricad’s interests and policies may be provided exclusive status for their region. An NDA requirement will also be set in. The distributor will have greater insight in the company’s activities as well as more involvement in its decision making process. 

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