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  What is 3D scanning?

It's an upcoming vision capture medium. More specifically, 3D scanning is the process of converting objects or scenes from our real world into 3D data. Once digitized the data can be visualized on your PC, modified in just about anyway, stored, exchanged with others and even printed just like any other data

What can I scan?

If your laser or projection device can illuminated it with a nice thin line and your camera can capture this then there is a solid chance that you can scan it in. And, the intricad software includes many features to make the process as easy as possible while still allowing advanced users to set things the way they want.

Where can I get a laser?

We currently provide 2 types of absolutely low cost high quality lasers to get started with 3D scanning. The first is an focus adjustable red line laser which produces a very thin line. The second is a bright green, fixed focus laser which produces a high intensity thin line. Note: avoid direct or reflective eye exposure with these lasers!

How long does it take to make a scan?

This depends on the scanner used for TriAngles it will typically take less than 60 seconds per pass. Geometry and texture require 2 passes.

GRASP 3D takes typically less that one minute, texture is always grabbed when using GRASP 3D and will only require a second.

What is the scanner resolution?

Resolution is determined by the camera used. For PAL this is 720x576

What is the scanner accuracy?

Accuracy or the Level of Detail captured is related to object size. Practice reveals with PAL type camera a factor 1/200 of the object height. Hence, a 100mm high object will yield an accuracy of about 0.5mm assuming that the object is maximized in the video's field of view

How come the product is so inexpensive compared to other scanners on the market?

This was a main design incentive and was accomplished by using off the shelf parts, proven technology and an elementary design. Also, the hardware is supplied as a kit and is sold at cost price, we don't earn on it

What is the scanner's footprint?

The TriAngles turntable foot print is about the size of a DVD cover. The footprint of GRASP 3D is about 10% larger than the object scanned

What is the scanner's work area?

Typically a desk or a table is sufficient.

What size objects can be scanned?

The with TriAngles supplied turntable allows max object size to be about 180mm height by 200mm in diameter and permissible load is about 2kg. Larger turntables are available upon request.

GRASP 3D is less hardware dependent and flexible. Human sized objects and larger are possible. What's important is that the laser can be seen clearly by the camera over the object.

Why can you purchase the scanner software separately?

In case a larger or smaller size hardware is required.

What types of object shapes can be scanned?

What types of object shapes can be scanned?
For TriAngles cylindrical shaped objects work best. Other shapes are possible but may require more post processing to complete. Still, the scanner's true merit is in its ability to scan around an object and thereby gather a significant amount of data regarding the overall shape in a single pass.

GRASP 3D is a topographic type scanner most any object shape can be scanned in provided that its shape does not occlude the laser being seen by the camera.

Can you make a scan using a web cam?

Yes, but obviously the level of detail will be less than for a video camera.

Can I scan using a green laser?

Yes, in some cases this may offer better scanning results than a red laser.

Does intricad build custom scanning configurations for specialized applications?

Yes, as long as your market is not already claimed by another customer

What are the PC requirements?

Please see the "Requirements" section

What are the Camcorder/Video camera requirements?

Please see the "Requirements"

What does ALPHA and BETA Release mean?

Some software is still in a development phase, it's a work in progress. We are already providing a BETA or ALPHA public release so that you can get involved and join us in the development process. These applications are not limited in anyway. As the software continues to develop the new versions will become available and the BETA status will be removed. Again, with no limits.

Did not find the answer?

Please consult our forum of contact a representative


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